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William James Jones, Ph.D.

Dr. Jones received his Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Biola University, a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy from Pepperdine University, and completed his PhD in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis in Depth Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute. Dr Jones is a winner of the American Psychological Association's Division 39 Multicultural Scholar Award, and published an article in the Journal of Humanistic Psychology on the topic of self actualization. For the past few years, Dr. Jones has proudly served as an Adjunct Professor and taught several classes for psychology undergraduates at Azusa Pacific University, graduates of the clinical psychology Master’s program at Pepperdine University and 2nd and 3rd year clinical psychology doctoral students at Antioch University, Santa Barbara, and Pacifica Graduate Institute, Santa Barbara. 

Member of the American Psychological Association - Certified Prepare/Enrich Facilitator - CDC Certified Life Coach - 

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Vetted and highly recommended  Post-doctoral Fellows joining our team.

We are also accepting applications for select Licensed Clinical Psychologists, Licensed Social Workers, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists, and Licensed Professional Clinical Counselors for select Executive Membership, clinical supervision of interns, and collaborative clinical practice within a group setting. We work from an Integrative Depth Psychology® theoretical approach in most case-consultations, clinical supervision, didactic, and invited guest lectures.

What We Do

Through an integrative depth psychology® approach, together we can work to:​ 

  • Reduce maladaptive behaviors

  • Effectively treat borderline personality disorders

  • Decrease anxiety

  • Strengthen coping skills

  • Reduce depressive symptoms

  • Make meaning and sense of existential struggles

  • Recover from infidelity or prevent acting-out-behavior

  • Implement life coaching strategies, as needed

  • Manage significant life transitions

  • Navigate marital and premarital therapy

  • Treat mood and personality disorders

  • Explore racial/ethno-cultural Identity

  • Strengthen interpersonal relationships

  • Increase self-esteem & self-concept 

  • Explore spiritual correlations to psychological distress

  • Manage anger and other intense emotions

DIR: 818.659.5757

Fax: 626.529.5636

595 E Colorado Blvd. Suite 423 Pasadena CA 91101

PARKING INFO: There's normally plenty of free 1-2 hour street parking available around the building and vicinity (i.e., be mindful of the street signs), and if you decide to park in the building it is a $5 flat rate on the weekends and a similar rate on weekdays for a few hours. 

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