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Bases on seasonal availability, we are seeking budding psychodynamically oriented practitioners (with additional interests in integrative depth psychology). 

Selected pre/post-doctoral interns will register with the CBOP as Psychological Assistants and work in a 1-2 year internship at the Jones Psychology Group. The internship focus will be centered on weekly training, seminars, and dialectics in both contemporary and relational psychoanalytic theory along with key Jungian psychological concepts. Looking at multicultural concerns from a depth psychological perspective is also a main focus of the clinical training.  Weekly professional development seminars will center around the business acumen and clinical skills necessary to develop an effective and hopefully thriving private practice.

Please send cover letter and C.V. to Dr. William James Jones at


Vetted and highly recommended  Post-doctoral Fellows joining our team.

We are also accepting applications for select Licensed Clinical Psychologists, Licensed Social Workers, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists, and Licensed Professional Clinical Counselors for select Executive Membership, clinical supervision of interns, and collaborative clinical practice within a group setting. We work from an Integrative Depth Psychology® theoretical approach in most case-consultations, clinical supervision, didactic, and invited guest lectures.

DIR: 818.659.5757

Fax: 626.529.5636

595 E Colorado Blvd. Suite 432 Pasadena CA 91101

PARKING INFO: There's normally plenty of free 1-2 hour street parking available around the building and vicinity (i.e., be mindful of the street signs), and if you decide to park in the building it is a $5 flat rate on the weekends and a similar rate on weekdays for a few hours. 

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