Custom Private Pay Services

Personalized Care and Guidance

You have taken a very positive step by deciding to seek therapy. The outcome of your treatment depends largely on your willingness to engage in this process, which may, at times, result in considerable discomfort. Remembering unpleasant events and becoming aware of feelings attached to those events can bring on strong feelings of anger, depression, anxiety, etc. There are no miracle cures. I cannot promise that your behavior or circumstance will change. I can promise to support you and do my very best to understand you and intrapsychic and interpersonal repeating patterns, as well as to help you clarify what it is that you want for yourself.

Your privacy, care, and confidentiality is vital to me. Many of my clients take advantage of the weekly super-bill I  provide in order to seek insurance coverage reimbursement as I am considered an out-of network PPO provider. The choice to remain off traditional managed care insurance panels has given our patients the freedom and flexibility to seek the depth oriented treatment they need for as long as they may need. This means, for those clients demonstrating financial need, I reserve the right to implement a sliding scale on an as needed basis determined by client necessity and practitioner availability. This is done on a case by case basis.

Clinical Supervision/Professional Consultation

Quality Training and Leadership

A significant aspect of my clinical work has been working with undergraduate and graduate psychology students in need of therapy, supervision, guidance, and space to process their emerging identities in the field of psychology. I not only offer a student discount for these clients but for other licensed mental health professionals in need of consultation for dynamic and challenging cases.

Telehealth/Video Sessions

Therapy Done From the Comfort of Home

Some clients have a very busy or unpredictable schedule and often Telehealth/Video sessions are warranted or even necessary. This option remains popular for some of my clients in the entertainment industry or executives in need of consistent therapy but flexibility in session times and days.  Based on the clinical or consultative needs of my California clients/residents, I offer Telehealth/Video sessions on a short-term basis. At this time,Telehealth/Video sessions are only available for California Residents.

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